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Individuals & Families

Foundation Years

  • Wondering which is more efficient…to pay off debt or to save money?

  • Curious what the roadmap is for financial success?

  • Overwhelmed with all the conflicting information on the internet?

Accumulation years

  • Frustrated with too little time to really research your options for getting ahead?

  • Feeling like you have too much outflow and too little income to be able to get ahead?

  • Wondering how long you will have to postpone retirement when you focus on getting the kids through school?

Preservation Years

  • Shifting focus from raising kids to thinking about your own retirement?

  • Worried about how you will maintain your standard of living when you retire?

  • Afraid that you might last longer than your savings?

Golden Years

  • Disappointed that you might have to dip into your kids’ inheritance during retirement?

  • Wondering what unexpected health expenses will do to your portfolio?

  • Feeling helpless about maintaining an inflation proof income?


A Rulebook helped you prioritize your objectives?
A Financial “Gameboard” showed you how it can work together more efficiently?
A Virtual Model demonstrated which decision gets you closer to your objectives?

Estate Planning

Creating a plan that addresses both estate planning and retirement needs can help ensure that you don’t outlive assets so you can enjoy retirement while still having enough left to pass onto family and charitable causes.Estate planning helps maximize the money you have—regardless of the amount—and helps decide how to distribute it. Estate planning is also important for business owners who have a significant amount of assets tied to their business. You may assume you’re adequately protecting what’s of value to you. Or you may be intending to leave the majority of your money to others, which doesn’t necessarily guarantee a large inheritance for your heirs. With expertise and guidance, you can address estate taxes and help maximize the assets going to your beneficiaries.


A legal declaration of how you want your assets distributed when you die.


Transfers property to your beneficiaries with several tax and non-tax advantages.

Charitable Giving

Tax-efficiently distributes assets to select organizations.

Life Insurance

Helps your family maintain their lifestyle, provide liquidity to pay taxes and settlement costs, as well as equalize inheritances.

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